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On you can purchase and download rehearsal files in MP3 format. These MP3 files gives you an easy and exciting way to practice the choir's songs anywhere and anytime.


Vad är en vänskap

Vad är en vänskap

Vad är en vänskap

Vad är en vänskap

MP3 files you download you can burn to a CD and then and play them in a CD player. Have an MP3 player you can transfer øvefilene to this in a simple way via a USB cable. Many cell phones have today mp3 players embedded. With øvefilene readily available, you now have the opportunity to listen and practice your voice anywhere and anytime.

The rehearsal fiels is made so that the part you sing come furthest forward in the soundstage while the other voices are drawn back into the background. Do you sing soprano and has downloaded a rehearsal file for soprano, this voice is the dominant sound.

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